'Embracing Experience'

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A one-day workshop to explore together the meaning behind the mental and emotional distress we experience, and what support we need to enable us to go through what we need to go through safely, without anybody trying to tell us what our experience is.

Your story matters.  As difficult as our mental and emotional distress may be, it contains meaning, a meaning that belongs to one person and one person only - you. 


Anxiety, depression and the many so-called ‘ mental disorders’ may feel like states we want to rid ourselves of as quickly as possible.  But what if we could begin to understand them as the starting point of an important and highly individual journey to a deeper connection to ourselves and to those around us?  What if we took a more expanded view, which helped us to see that our pain is ultimately on our side; championing the emergence of our authentic selves at every step of the way.  Might our distress begin to transform into something new if we’re able to find the courage to move towards it, instead of pushing it away? Could we begin to find a way to listen to it?


‘Embracing Experience’ is a creative, experiential workshop developed by Safely Held Spaces, which aims to help experiencers of mental and emotional distress explore the ways they understand their experiences.

In ‘Embracing Experience’ workshops participants will find a safe space where they can share their stories with others with similar experiences, and will be invited to explore their experiences through Safely Held Spaces’ proposed five stage roadmap of mental and emotional distress; everyday life, testing times, threshold, really extreme times and finally emerging or returning.  Using a range of creative activities, participants will be offered the opportunity to deepen their understanding of their personal experiences and to reflect on their meaning.

Workshop Details

Workshop Date:  Dates To Be Confirmed

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